Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can you be a trusted and respected moral authority at the head of a regime and not order a full and extensive inquiry into the murder of a young lady promised to a bright future on a Tehran's sidewalk to find out who gave the order and who executed that order to open fire on civilians by standers?
Saw Ann for the fourth day in a row... wondering why is it so complicated for too many to be pro choice while admitting that it is a barbaric act understandable under some extreme circumstances.
Ann, why is it we never see any lady that had to take this terrible decision under some very unfortunate walk of life that have since been able to rebuild a life and have now a family testifying over how haunted they are wondering what would be that kid they never had?
I have been thinking of Bill's videos.., are they over exposure? I guess they aren't at least as long as he doesn't decide to set exposure of himself in his beach suit to promote the Factor... I recommend you check as often as possible here
to make sure to follow suit in case such a video in on the Factor!
The explaination for the paris regime company hateful policies in the UK comes from its history, used to an extensive use of discimination practices towards the Corsicans, the Basque, Breizh people and any other Small nation's members very much encouraged by the regime, the management, I guess, thought it would receive the same warm welcome for these kind of methods in the UK.
Seems that the story may turn different....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mahmoud....! Warned you several times... your behaviour was soon or later drive you out of the school..... You may think there is a chance for you to escape one more time the ultimate punishment (sent off indefinitly) hiding your wrong doing and silencing the witnesses, but, you'll find out that I can see everything....!
Hugo.... I understand, watching all that makes you think you may be the next one to deal with I want to vote but I also want a Bill of Rights to legally express my dissent with the Gov I've contributed to elect with my vote...
Guess what, right on I can confirm, you soon to face I want a Bill of Rights!
I saw Ann three times in three days. Sexy as ever yesterday...!!§§ I shoudn't mention that, she doesn't come on air for me to admire how sexy she can be, obviously... but well can't help it, I should be listening and not watching I guess, but you'll admit that's what most do I mean watching tv, they don't just listen to tv.
Shean looked fine, very fortunate to have S.E. and Kimberly. (injustice)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Anderson...Anderson...! Don't say "what", "what, what, what"...., instead, Excuse me can you repeat please? or Sorry, I didn't get what you just said?
I don't want to hear that again!
Boycott Total SA is spreading throughout the world as the company is engaged in a new wave of measures against English workers wherever possible. Not the first time the company deploys a hateful policy towards English, Welsh or Scottish workers in their plants but got caught this time....

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Very smart suit! JosAbank?
I believe President Obama tried to say in a very unusual place for that type of dicourse that the holocaust did take place and that it shouldn't be a subject for every day joke balancing this strange statement where he was with remarks describing the Palestinians every day pain. I guess, he would be too much to ask he had added that refugee camps more than 50 years old for some, and most of the pain have been by large and small organised by some using the Palestinian's cause to serve their own national interests or hatred of Israel...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

and it does work, many have already joined....
You know what, I always thought that portraited Newt as a hard liner was a bit strange to me... There isn't that many ACLU supporters in the GOP at Newt's level and following his interview with Jon, I witnessed he was more of the GOP's far left wing leader than a hard liner when he decisevely, firmly declared he would oppose whatsoever any waterboarding of the Speaker and lift any doubts some may have including Roland... I'm now pretty surprised Roland made tonight's comments?