Friday, August 31, 2007

Media Times - CNN - Today, the President made an important statement about the housing market.
For those who read this blog and don't watch CNN because my blog is a much more important worlwide media than CNN is did not see today President BUSH homeowner financing speech in the Rose Garden at the White House.
You have enjoyed fat bonuses on your adjustable mortgages sales that you knew you shouldn't have done, following what the President said, "In other words, if you've been cheating somebody we're going to find you and hold you to account.", I strongly suggest, hoping you kept clean records of your customers, you contact them asap to enquire how they are dealing with the mortgage you sold, if you find out they face difficulties to manage, then , you should probably use the same kind of talent you used to sell the mortgage in the first place to find a financial institution to renegociate it in your customers interest. Why should you do that, well, when President BUSH says "we will hold you to account" because you messed around with vulnerable people, I strongly recommend you believe the words.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

TV Times - CNN - I made a terrible mistake, Eunice isn't on air now, somebody else is and can't find her in the Anchors and Reporters section, quite a shame, on top of that, Hugh is gone, didn't say where he was going to, Kristie left too without a word and the website at this address does say much about who I am watching. They keep on saying You are watching CNN Today, I know that because I usually choose the program I am watching, it's even disturbing because the following day when talking to other people, it crosses my mind that may be this one doesn't, may be most don't, may be I am the only one to choose the program I watch and this could explain why they keep saying You are watching CNN Today to warn viewers about the program that ended up on their tv screen. Do you too choose the program you watch? (i am practising).
I know, several times, names have appeared screen bottom but that was just too fast, I know, I am slow but if you want to know who I am watching you will have to do it again and you should do something on the website too and by the way why don't you mention where is Kristie and Hugh, I'd like to know.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TV Times - CNN - The Biggest Slump in US Housing in the last 20 years,
"What goes up must come down" has declared the United Hill Billy Nations High Commissioner for Europe from his Paris office, he added, "just lay back, manage to pay your mortgage and you'll be alright". He also mentionned that he misses a lot his hometown Kissimmee and was looking forward for his next trip home six weeks away.
Wondering Times - CNN - Where is Hugh? Is Kristie gone again to Bejing?
How is my hometown these days, going to check the Orlando Sentinel to find out.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

TV Times - CNN - Significant progress have been made.
I just found Eunice page in Anchors and Reporters, not her picture yet but never mind, next time it will be there, probably. To reach the next level of quality, do you think Kristie could give me a hug and a smile? I just wonder.
Guess what, tonight I saw Ted on french tv.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

TV Times - CNN - Is Hugh working with his wife?
The Lady (can't find her in the section Anchors and Reporters) working with Hugh has just said something that let me think she may not be his wife, that's an opportunity, she may prefer Kissimmee to Wolfeboro.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

TV Times - CNN - I wonder why Hugh is telling me You are watching CNN Today,
Does he really think I need to know which program I am watching, do you thing too I press any button and just wait for the guy to tell where my fingers have driven me?
As usual, a silly joke of mine, you guys look terrific tonight, any vacations ahead?
Sad Times - USA - MC Rove is about to leave the Building.
At the end of the month, the curtain will come down for the last time. Karl is going Home, lucky one, isn't he? Well to tell you the truth, I watched the video and sounds to me that he slightly went emotional at one point, not the President, silly you, I meant Karl.
The President said that he will be on the road too in a little bit and this drives me to think I should be going Home too.