Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ric on air, that's a surprise, hadn't seen him for months now, wondering where he was, doing what. He almost lost Anderson a few minutes ago.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well, that was a good day, Gov Palin is one of a kind and could an election have any better tickets on both side of the aisle.... ??? All America is there. Dems made a courageous choice so did GOP, often seen as the old boys network, proves to be innovative too.
Looking at some harsh critics, this is for sure the right choice. I noticed that according to someone I listen to, Alaska's population isn't very large, might be the case but reach Alaska's Gov seat is no sex and the city party...
What did you think of it?
No experience of inner city poverty? So, she will learn, she is fast and she has enough in her heart to do what has never been tried, all know there is no quick fix but she listens and if something should be tried and done, it will be.
Gov Palin is not just "another woman", there are signs, the world met PM Goldameir, Lady Thatcher, Welcome to Sarah Palin.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wasn't that much a great day altogether, first I'm not sure Laura knew why the President planned a trip to Orlando, I think I found out :
to worsen my day, I was told that the PM of a very important country in the world (Russia) thinks that it is possible to find Americans in public service able to iniate or at least encourage directly or indirectly a war, destructions, loss of lives in a foreign country for some tricky political bet in an election. That saddened me.
Should be a great day, starting point, Sergueï recommended that Bernard see a doctor... Though didn't mention a name... Is he recommending W?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anderson and Donna on air now!!
So is John and I favor peace but I think Anderson would like to know that while he was away last night at one point John had his hand on Donna's shoulder.... Yes I saw it...
Leslie on air with a blue top????
Great music§§§
Does Gloria needs an accountant?
Jeffrey be good, I'm watching.
Relax, Sarky peaks for himself, he can't speak for all the Small Nations under the Paris regime administration and he knows it... Just his regular show! Doesn't matter.
They 're just really scared cause they know they're committing crimes and so far they got away bullsheeting here and there to superpowers but now.....
What if......
Like I told you, Freedom is for everybody, there is no double standard possible. There are countries that respect their minorities language, culture and territories and others that don't, Is the UK worried? No. The only one that is right to be afraid of such a move is the Paris regime and the bench of criminals who spoil Corsica, Breizh, and all the Small Nations!
Come on, what on earth do you him to say, the President can't even say he understands...He has to say these things but can you imagine something like that in the US, no... Why? Remember, make as much fun as you want of yourself and save your respect and politeness for others, does apply here too... If South Ossetians and Abkhasians had more interests, felt more respected with the Georgian leadership, they wouldn't have turned to Moscov to ask for help. What I think you should be worried about is why they didn't turn for help to those in Europe that says they are there to protect rights... Might be cause they knew quite a few are just rogue states and knowing what they do to their own people, you don't want that kind of help and they couldn't turn to the US cause he had all the attention and care so they were left with what??
Listen, it was, it is a mistake to commit with rogue leadership or regimes that do not match US Democracy standards cause that's where you end up, not to mention Roosevelt didn't like him and he was right!
That's up to you... but it won't change my vote, I'm going to change my mind just because this time it's Russia that does something for a Small Nation. Let me remind you that if you say South Ossetians or Abkhasians don't have the right to a Land, where are you going to stop..?? I'd rather be constant, I believe it's safer for everyone. Every Small Nation has rights whoever they are, they have have the right to secure their interests, to do what's necessary for their security, to speak their language, to worship the way they want and enjoy their culture in Freedom and as long as they don't preach hatred and violence I don't see any wrong doing, now you can disagree but take a minute to see where it leads...
You askin me?
To me, further denial of Abkhasians and Ossetians will only act as a moral vaccum where ever Rights mean something... Right or wrong they see it as a victory over tirany and have been celebrating since, I don't see what to oppose to that if their rights hadn't been denied such a situation wouldn't occured...
To avoid more, an internationally recognised Small Nation Bill of Rights would have prevented any wrong doing from regimes and he wouldn't have sent tanks to the region...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Breaking - Rudy on air now!
And Jeffrey is there too;)!! That's cool, I'm sure he's gonna say something that will really drive me mad.
If Suzanne decides to dance, I may come...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Be quiet, I'm watching Wolf!! He's got the right tie for tonight. You up to?
Don't be thick, I meant Ambassador at the UN, you should find it somewhere I would say two weeks ago, yes on CNN.
Don't know the missing one is Jeffrey...he's horrible most of the time I just hate what he says but the guy is likeable, don't know why.
Well, read the President's last radio message and you'll know.
No, they went there but so far it's goin nowhere. Initially the idea was to video document with personal stories of people that witnessed how the regime had organised the violence in schools to prevent the kids to speak their parent's language, but when I last talk to them, they said it's going nowhere as people accept to tell stories but refuse any recording. Scared they might get their families into trouble and say it's useless. They think nobody will ever care.
I know, that's what I said and as far as I know she tried, do it for your kids because they don't even know... but, well they being very cautious they know how vicious and twisted are the f... serving the regime.
Anderson about to join Donna on the dancefloor...just in case someone else may try to dance with her... Do you think he's jealous...?
Do you want be my boo?? I think he said that once...(check the spelling for me) would you?
An example?
Reb said they listened to that already several times (enough to Ok that wasn't just in that school) "Speak that language again and I'm gonna wash your dirty mouth with soap you breizh bastard!" This an easy translation but the idea is there and yes, she said she has enough to say they used to do it, kids were aged 8 to 13or 14...
I know that's why they dance in between Washington and Moscov... They know alright they can get caught anytime. I'm gonna love that chasing them throughout the world to judge them and guess what...!!
I know I did correct it, terrible I'm terrible Boo, My Boo, I got it..§§
Very silly ok. I do apologise but I've excuses!
You play it smart but you didn't know Anderson had asked that to Donna? Or may be you watched it but didn't remember and that's why you need me.... the recording machine.
Did you watch Carter's tribute? Didn't like it because not a word on the complete failure of New Orlean mayor, so many lives could have been saved, so many people that could have been in a safe place if only he had called for buses to evacuate people but he didn't...."We'll handle it"....
Anderson : Oooh baby, you will always be my boo. I don't about yall but I know about us....
Donna : (write it, I'm lazy)
You're no fun... you do nothing!!
I don't know how you could have expected less. But. The thing is.... Ossetians and Abkhasians have rights, ok, don't make mistakes, it may have more to do with the missile shield in Poland, we still end up there, they have rights and what about if these are denied? It's the sticking point....It's entirely his, sometimes negociation comes through very unexpected means...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Are you back?
Anyway... did you enjoy it, thought you would...!;) Well I guess they didn't have to as they always try to please everybody thinkin they can cheat, nobody knows..... I hardly understand somedays how these bench of as... have managed to get away with it so far...
Well, don't make mistake, I mean about the visa...
Madonna turnin 50, Did you know?
If he had already expressed some ideas such as "it's about time, justice for the Breizh, Corsican, Basque Nations", I'm pretty sure, Dalaï Lama or not he would be welcome by the Paris regime just as much he's welcome in Beijin to talk about Free Tibet. Don't make mistakes!
It's like you don't know them...!!;) They can bite you know... well, not much they haven't much left but I think they know it's comin... Don't have anymore a people, my guess up for sale soon, they won't make it but Small Nations have what is needed to go ahead. Best on their way Basque Nation is well advanced then Corsica if helped they could be on their way to Freedom quick.
Breizh is a different story, what they have done there (didn't make much noise, don't really know why)is just terrible, it's beyond imagination, it will be more difficult, first because social networks have been destroyed with method, language has been targeted and hit with a rare violence mainly towards kids that has discouraged parents who experienced that period to ever even think of teaching their kids their national language. So far the regime policies made of fear and displacement of population have really damaged their capacity (very strange some people don't dare even today talk about what was the regime's behaviour towards Breizh Nation's member, sometimes you can feel the mix of fear and shame...when talking to old ones.
Today you mean?
For quite a while now, they've found the lethal weapon "unemployment".... They are good at it!!;) incredible, never seen anywhere else such a management to organise a surplus of population that their economy is unable to employ... But, that's how they do it, policies targeting territories and Small Nations, using it as a punishment for those who think the regime is questionable and Small Nations mistreated and spoiled.
I know but so far they got away with it, so they think it will remain that way...I guess!
I may go Home, to check on my place but I think I'm alright.
Goin to the convention? You'll be back by then?
I know what you think, not a perfect world but there is just one citizenship that sets you free to go ahead with your life, to think, to speak out your mind...with a working legal system that allows people to hit back with at the same time some decent moral values throughout society. So, the best for now (I think)is to try to set up some programs to send as many as possible of these Small Nations kids to visit to start with, later stay a year to study the language, culture and rights knowledge. I got some ideas but I need money and some partners before it can work, but you would be amazed by some of these kids left behind in the country side, they don't know what to do with them, I know...!!!;)once they can see the world.
No, I go for it's part of a set of policies designed to delegitimate any claim of rights based on "the Land", from here you get to "NO Land you can claim, No Law of the Land you can invoke" then........ guess what?? shut up!!!!! is the next step.
Yes very smart... always....!
NO sense of humor!!!!
How do you know???
Senator Martinez on air.
"A military move will be matched by another military move" UN Ambassador a few weeks ago, I'd say, you are at it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking News - The Dalaï Lama forced to meet with the Paris regime officials under the threat he may not be issued a new visa next time he plans to visit the temples established on territories ruled by the regime.
The USN General Assembly has today decided to send an official protest to the Paris regime regarding this visa blackmail. The General Secretary declared, "We are once more absolutely stunned by the regime's manners, we do understand the Dalaï Lama's decision to attend these "meetings" but we will ask him to refuse to stay silent about the Tibet, (sorry, I mean)Breizh, Corsican, Basque Nation's rights and the shameful Paris regime's behaviour in these occupied territories denying all the Small Nations living by its ruling any rights. We will also ask him to condemn the violence used by the regime to force these nations to stop speaking their languages what it is still doing today."
Has anybody seen Zain's scar?
I haven't but I heard (she said so) that sometimes, she does show it... so far I wasn't around.
Are we about to see Zain's scar?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Breaking News - The USN delegation about to leave Moscow after some intense diplomatic efforts.
Coming out the most recent meeting today with President Medvedev and PM Putin, the United Small Nations delegation has declared being satisfied with Russia's decision to withdraw all combat troops from the Georgian territory and thanked Russia for the guarantees offered to the South Ossetians and Abkhasians. Later, at the press conference, the delegation also expressed its deep concern regarding the consequences of the conflict on civilians.
Before leaving, the delegation added, "we are happy to see that it won't be done to Georgians what the Georgia's leadership was about to do to South Ossetians, we are glad to see that altogether Russia has more respect for Georgia than Georgia had for South Ossetia. South Ossetians and Abkhasians are now protected but not all the Small Nations have "powerful friends" or can rely on the US Constitution and Gov Crist to negociate with, this is why the General Assembly will keep asking for a Small Nations Bill of Rights.
Anjali forced to work despite a cold!!! A shame!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Breaking - Anjali's tryin to seduce Michael with a new lovely dress!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

been up to??
Small Nations General Assembly have today offer the Dalaï Lama a cheerful ovation for refusing so far to meet with the Paris regime criminal officials (and fake opposition) and have renewned their demand to keep it that way for as long as the Small Nations are not allowed to speak their national language, cannot enjoy on their Land their freedom (continued occupation by the regime armed forces), cannot elect their own chief of police and judges cannot vote their own laws according to their culture.
The General Assembly has also decided to send some envoys in Moscov to renew their call to President Medvedev to secure the future of South Ossetians and Abkhasians. The General Assembly has reasserted that there is no optional Democracy, if ever, South Ossetians and or Abkhasians are to be members of Georgia, they will have to decide it after a negociation with Georgian leadership that will fix their status in the new federation to be created and will ensure they have a fair access to armed forces to protect their interests and security. If impossible the General Assembly has estimated they should have access to independance.
The General Assembly has also scheduled a new meeting very soon in Kissimmee to be able to decide what the sanctions will be once the war crimes committed in Tskhinvali have been checked and will ask Congress to take the necessary steps to do what it can to ensure America's friends do not commit crimes associating Freedom with reprehensible behaviour that would never matched American standards and would not be tolerated if committed by US Forces.
Breaking - Stephanie on air - Stephanie is gone.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mari has a red jacket. Didn't see her for long but she looked alright, have been on vacation?
Saw her?
Already, told you....I'm not convinced!... The guy is no Gov Crist, there is no Small Nation leader to say he's a good man. Have never heard anything about negociations going on for over 15 years to try to find a satifactory status for the nations living on disputed territories. I'm not sure about how far he's sincere about American standards he says he stands for.
Colleen is on now. Jim is gone. A Russian soldier can be seen.
Not sure but think he said they (Russian Forces ) don't want war.
Just saw the President is about to speak, at 0500 your time.
I know he sent troops at a time some other so called "America's friends" declined when they didn't oppose.... but the fact is how all that started?? So far, he's responsible and now the People is payin.... Business as usual.... He also said that it was a set up then how do you explain he gave in... if he knew it was...?
In several countries, what I have heard is that instead of implemanting new policies to build a new era of relations between communities sometimes forced to move around during communist times, some governments have encouraged undirectly or directly ethnic discrimination in revenge for the passed flaterring the natural course of resentment, expecting what? I guess that now they can be satisfied, it has gone even further any expectation they could ever make, what's left? Expect Russia leadership to find the way to surpass their turn of exercising their resentment, transcend their capacity to punish to build on peace and new relations with the western part of this continent.
What's your guess?
Have you seen Stephanie, wonder why married ladies always looked sexier?
Beware, You shall not covet........"" your neighboor.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A global heat pick tonight with a pink... Bonny! Don't miss out,
No, don't know nothing about Stephanie's new husband.
Are we seeing the real Hugh?
Hugh, don't be nasty, may is kee in this.
Breaking News - Some Small Nations under the Paris regime administration in the exact same situation than South Ossetians and Abkhasians permanently harassed by the regime's armed forces have decided to exchange diplomatic representation with these two nations (South Ossetia and Abkhasia)now under protection. These Small Nations (under Paris administration) have declared to be interested to learn from their experiences and their path to Freedom.
Never thought Colleen was dreaming of Michael's feet!
YOU GUYS ARE ALL TOO LATE! Stephanie got married on vacation....but... Who is the happy one? Do we know him?

Monday, August 11, 2008

United Small Nations General Assembly has just released a new statement : "Following the course of action decided by Georgia leadership, it is for now impossible to leave South Ossetians without protection. Of course, Democracy is not optional and South Ossetians just like Abkhasians are the only one able to decide if they need or not foreign troops to protect their nations and properties from Georgian's leadership and army. We renew our call to President Medvedev and PM Putin to take into consideration the consequences of the military course of action on Georgians to ensure a possible future for a Georgian Federation allowing South Ossetians, Abkhasians and Georgians to live in the same state even if this eventuality is difficult to think of today."
It always takes me sometime, I take that for a yes (I mean vacation)then Kristie. Have a good one whenever it is.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The United Small Nations General Assembly have issued a new statement : "United Small Nations declares that the respect for the integrity of Georgian territory does not include respect for military violence against the South Ossetian community. We understand that for several years now, violence, discrimination and public humiliation of people of Russian descent have been encouraged, sometimes organised in several countries formerly USSR republics by some governments including Georgia, too happy to entertain their citizens and distract them from their own failure and thought it would be smart to offer "easy revenge" on people of Russian descent for what was the communist domination, knowing that in most cases their parents, great or grand parents were sent sent from Russia unwillingly and have nowhere else to go unless Russia decides to offer them some special treatment to make their return financially possible. We will anyway consider these actions aimed at gaining the departure of the people of Russian descent as ethnic cleansing wherever it may take place.
We do believe Russian military actions are to protect South Ossetians and in some cases to diminish Georgian military capacity to stop any other offensive attempt.
Although, we are asking President Medvedev and PM Putin to restrain from punishing Georgians and Georgia for both, the adventurous leadership they have and what has been done to people of Russian descent in many countries in recent years.
Kristie has a nice jacket and looks great so does Hugh. Aren't you guys going on vacation sometimes soon?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Breaking News : In a release statement a few minutes ago the United Small Nations General Assembly has expressly condemned the violent Georgian army offensive against civilians in South Ossetia and called all parties to restrain from using force. "Should we discover that the Georgian government has attempted a genocide or is trying some ethnic cleansing against civilians of Russian descent in this region, the response will be an immediate call to military intervention against all major Georgian interests wherever they are if this Small Nation isn't protected.", has declared the General Secretary when asked about potential retaliation from Small Nations.
The message was very clear to the international community, protect the South Ossetia Small Nation from Georgian government or we will act.
John, John, John..... Thought you knew, didn't you listen to me?
When I came down from the Sinai mountain, I told everyone that I had a good round of negociation with a satisfactory outcome altogether, 1O commandments instead of 11, altough, regretably some may think, adultery is still concerned by one.