Thursday, July 30, 2009

Never thought weather forecast includes bowling lessons.
The true TOP SPOT is my hometown Kissimmee, like nowhere else in the all world. Looking for a sunny spot, this is the Sunshine state, warm waters, Clearwater and the Gulf of Mexico within easy reach. Fancy the ocean, Melbourne and the most delicious East Coast lady will serve you a coffee at the Star Bucks right on the beach with a Have it good! Kids want fun, the theme parks, Disney, Sea World, Bush Gardens, Universal Studios, have it all at your door from anywhere in Kissimmee.
All that at very affordable prices, plenty of restaurants with very fairly priced menus, lots of spots for shopping at Florida's prices.
This summer don't miss a vacation you won't forget.
This one will be a great guy!
Got a lot people jealous when telling about my next new job....sayin, you guys are very unfortunate... you're driving guys smelling cigars and alcool making nasty phone calls, guess what I'll be soon Anjali's and Kristie's preferred driver... sorry folks...
I can't believe beer is being served with me not being there!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do you want to hire a driver, would love the job?
Ladies..., it is not fair game to make fun of the Lockness monster....! I'm glad to see that Candy is back looking great!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Alain, I have seen your job reporting on Gov Palin...... Then I watched what Wolf had in store. I have to say that if compared to Drew's work on the wheelchair, it would result in Drew getting the Pulitzer....
I know that it is fashionable to bash the lady with all kind of terms such as "ultra conservative", "Sen McCain lost the race because of the Governor"..... if you look at it carefully, she probably made some mistakes with very little time to be ready to face the international and national Press and little prepared to face the snubism of the "elite's crowd" but who is or can be for that?
Now, how many ladies are just like the lady the Governor was before her election? She is very different from the usual politician, but what if she connects with every Sarah (before her election) there is throughout the country, a working lady facing the daily challenges most families encounter trying to do what is best for her children, education, doing everything possible to make sure the kids stay out of trouble and paying the bills. She can speak genuinely about all that and she can find the words to reach far beyond her today's crowd. You don't know yet how many Sarah's there are in inner cities. So far she has been misportraited and it makes difficult the connection based on a political divide along community's lines but her life, her social background and set of values makes her the perfect candidate to connect with all the working family ladies whatever communities they belong to based on experience, challenges faced, hopes and dreams.
The European Union lost no time suspending some €65 million (£56m) in aid to Honduras pretending it was to "put pressure on the military-backed opponents of ousted President Manuel Zelaya to return to negotiations". Has the EU done anything when the IMF decided to hand 2.5 billions to Sri Lanka.... has the EU asked for some strings to be attached to the loan regarding the Tamil's rights.....?
Who knows.....?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wouldn't know what to do with 15 millions though I may have to go on the factor Dennis, if Bill doesn't understand what President Obama meant at the press conference, I don't understand how it is possible that the projected deficit for medicare and medicaid are terrible when for years and years, I was told that America didn't have any health care system, just private insurance companies that nobody could afford except the wealthiest.... it isn't clear even doing my best... so there was something finance how? payrolls? No kidding? So a part of the plan is to raise the amount collected to finance medicare and medicaid (does not exist, officially, for paris regime readers) by adding some ressources using the not just payrolls but the fiscal system.... think it does remind me of something..... strange.... on the way, extending the coverage to everybody as the projected deficits show that it will be in the future necessary to raise the amount of taxes collected to finance the heath care system leading to everybody being concerned as it won't be enough or even possible to collect the necessary amounts on the "wealthiest"....remind me of something to..... don't know why, feeling some went through kind of a similar process.... wonder....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are you on a regular basis making some priggishly objurgations? I do!
Dennis, you're terrible!
Though, I think he wanted to emphasis that the projected deficit for medicare and medicaid are unsustainable in the future and therefore a reform is absolutely necessary. Guess it was a more a message to the Congress than to the People at this stage... tryin to fight the idea it is just about spending... changing the message from it's just about social progress to it is about that for all the folks that don't have any coverage or are denied coverage for various reasons but it is also because we can't go ahead with the system as it is with the forecast we have, insisting on without reform on how is financed right now the health care system, the course is unsustainable and will go broke. Meaning there is not much choice, to finance the health care a significant increase of taxes are inevitable and everybody will have to participate leading to, to make it fair, the coverage should also be for everybody as they will contribute.
Not sure about Columbia verses Harvard.
You know what... Anjali doesn't help me focus on the President's press conference with that dress... Will report and complain to the White House, I'm tryin to concentrate to listen to what President Obama is saying about heath care and Anjali does her best to distract me.... so does Jenny....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drew.... I guess you have noticed, you're among the lucky ones I check on; just like Anderson. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure I got the all thing about the wheechair.... What is the yearly price for the wheelchair rental contract? It wasn't clear to me if the $1,200.00 were paid overtime and compared with the buying price $ 300.00. To be honest, you can't do that.... without stating the strings attached to the rental contract....( warranties, services such as replacement on call, repairs..., exchange in case of technical improvement...). I believe Congress had in mind when it decided the prices to create for the health care services providers businesses an economic space for both improve the patient's access to services such as chair's repairs, replacement should any problem show up while away from home to favor mobility or comfort when at home, technical progress, should the manufacturer improve the products what they do, with the chair replacement when the manufacturer put out a new product with a significant improvement bringing more comfort or improved mobility to the user, and, improve job creation, services and economic activity in this sector fueling the economic growth, not just to increase these businesses profits what .... may have been.... underlined in your report.... just kidding..... Now, if Congress find out that these rental contracts do not have any strings attached and it is just the buying cost with a more than confortable profit rebilled, well I guess it will step in.... and Drew will soon tell us so with many Congress members interviews.
Yellow suits even better Anjali.... blue is alright too! Wonder where Kristie is, a well deserved vacation? Jenny has found some nice vests wonder if Bonnie played a role.... Jack looked angry, what, who said as usual...... Wolf just the same. Any change in the vetting process should be handled with a lot of care, it's very easy to increase the executive branch power, rights and lack of accountibility, it's almost impossible to reverse it.... just check out what is going on with the czars, and it doesn't matter who is President, give any right to the executive branch and be sure it will be over and extendely used.....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Got me in the face, I even have Hannity printed on me now...
How dare you Laura.... should have say, Bill, you can't be a pinhead, never..... (illustration for a previous word of the day, poltroon, talking about myself not Laura of course)....!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sean, you're in trouble...........
A call for a boozing party or did you mean booed?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rush in a skirt, where?
Sean, be good!
Some countries have such a great healthcare system that their best of citizens run to the American hospital where they have to pay for everything more or less to make sure they can get the best doctors and the latest treatment not limited by the state regulations.....
Guess why and yolu may win a wee in Florida in the great city of kissimmee!
Can't afford to miss Dana...!
Can you beat that? "We are ripe for economic growth and energy independence if we responsibly tap the resources that God created right underfoot on American soil. Just as important, we have more desire and ability to protect the environment than any foreign nation from which we purchase energy today."
Zelaya, Zelaya Be quiet!
If you're restored, it's to be impeached what should have been done in the first place probably with less soldiers and more lawyers, but it is not an enviable future, you cannot ignore that you have been violating several laws and as president, a cheap one, very inefficient and would be dictator, there is only one destination for you, jail.....
So.... enjoy a retirement somewhere quiet before it's too late, for an old man like you prisons aren't an healthy place to be.....
I won't tell you again!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bill, I knew it, well let me help you.... my hometown radio 97.5 WPCV had the information you needed.... obviously your target, Diana's look isn't a success.... so far. WPCV has the adresses of full services doctors in Beverly Hills, they will be happy to help along with the special envoy sent there, I'm sure.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Well, he just said... he had done things that could result of him being the father but when he did so he wasn't aware of such a consequence may be possible as his partner for the thing never mentioned a pregancy desired or not could result of this exchange of generous mutual feelings I guess.....
Didn't think it was possible.... Sean....(just kidding).
Of course, I just can't be, my high standards do not allow me to ever be so. Am't I just that with this statement, I mean picayune...??
Saw Dana...!!!
MC scores high, always. But so does the Governor.
Should some people be proved right to use such methods to have someone ousted of office?
MC has a point, if her decision is motivated based on she's scared with the consequences, an idea that some are trying to diffuse but it doesn't match the impression I had listening to her declaration.
Doesn't she say, I will be responsible and act accordingly not just for myself but also for my opponents? Doesn't she say, my constituency elected a Governor for Alaska not a VP candidate for the 2009 GOP ticket? Doesn't she say, I'm sad at the idea to see myself unable to be the Governor I was but the bill for my candidacy as VP for the GOP has been sent not to me but to Alaskans, it's unfair, unjust but that's where we are, my promise to Alaskans as Governor must prevail, their interests come first, my opponents are ready to use Alaskan's taxpayers in that fight, I am not, I refuse to see the state's money wasted in legal fees just aimed at fighting with some irresponsible people?
MC made another point, some will conclude she's quiting under the pressure, won't believe her explanation. Well, that may be the case if she can't be heard but she has time and there is no reason to think today she can't be heard based on what she has to say, it's common sense and most can be reached by her arguments.
When she says, look, filing without any kind of "ethics" "ethic complaints" may have been fair game in the political area in the passed, it wasn't right whatsoever but, alright, how it was....
Today, now, it can't be the case anymore... not just in Alaska.... when the Federal deficit is raging, when the debt is in trillions, when the Federal Gov may go for a second stimulus, when the first stimulus was in billions of dollars of taxpayer's money, when the economy has lost millions of jobs and is still loosing jobs, when throughout the country for cities, counties and states, the financial stress is dear, when all the communities whatever their sizes have to priotise their spending, the taxes cannot, must not be wasted in political games.
Isn't she right?
Whan she says, I asked my opponents to come to their senses for quite a while before we reached 2 millions dollars, I expected them to do so, I called for a more responsible way of spending stating that at a challenging time for the economy we had to find better ways for the political debate than courts and lawyers in the best interest of the taxpayer but they decided to go ahead with an agenda that has nothing to do with Alaska, I coudn't let them go ahead careless for the consequences for the state's finances.
Isn't she right?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

With that move Gov Palin proves to be sensible, responsible, smart and generous deserving up to now the trust of her followers. Speaking the truth and her mind, the governor told everyone that the "attention" she now has from the media and a fair group of activists was preventing her to fully concentrate on the governor's duties. The level of distraction for her and the governor's office had become unsustainable leading to an abnormal amount of energy and ressources being used for too many purposes that had little to do with the Alaskan's interests, therefore she decided to step down following the promise made during her campaign as Governor to always do what's best for the state of Alaska.
Doing so, she proves to act responsibly.
Positioning her LT Gov for the next run in the best position possible giving him the time and opportunity to show Alaskans all his abilities as Gov, she shows that she understands that this level of media "attention" and "group activists" can also end up alienating some citizens who would disaprove to see the Governor's office used to fight what may be perceived when too long in time as "personal matters".
Doing so, she proves to be smart and generous.
Freeing herself from too easy complaints as she everyday assumed state's duties, she will be able to do much more to defend herself, to go after some that truly deserve it and will be able to do much more to promote the ideals and protection she wants for the People at times that propmised to be challenging.
Doing so, she proves to be sensible.
Will be considered quiting? Didn't stay the course? Didn't stand the pressure? Hasn't gain enough experience by not staying in office?
Should she do all of the above at the expense of Alaskans and their best interests?
Whatever the comments are and will be.... she will remain strong after showing she sticked to her first promise to Alaskans, act in their best interests whatever the personal cost. She will remain strong after showing she can deploy a strategy to position for the best a team member whatever the comments may be.
She may not be "eloquently shiny" but she proves to stay the course of her values by this move a lot more she would have done by staying carelessly for her constituency's best interest and desire.
A great stateman? Isn't first a character? She is. Undereducated? She now has plenty of time to learn DC manners, so beware, she has more at stake than most of her opponents, she truly believes in America's core values, she isn't just playing the game for a career what most of you guy's are doing to be a "celebrity"....
What if she chooses the bucks, I have heard.... she happened to be also a human being with a family and she has the right to do her best for them just like you do.....
Happy Fourth!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Well, don't know.
Rumor states edf may have some hostile intentions towards UU.... to be watched...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sean, why don't you throw me the ball more often?
Anderson, you're very unfortunate... everytime I check on you you're doing something you shouldn't.... such as mocking this jailed Phillipino lady (not sure about that)....
Don't make mistakes.... I'm seing you!
Thank You Gov Sanford..... not for the motives so far mentioned.... but for making possible the truth to surface in the Washington Post..... the Republican ideals, principles and dreams are unrivaled, first time someone acknowledges it in the paper, a long time due confession.... from the Post.
"............... thank you Gov Sanford for doing so"..... At last someone, was ready to admit the truth publicly. Republican ideals, principles and dreams are so big, so attractive to anyone that they can't be fought with any others, worse, there is none that can rival, and at last the Post has decided to reveal the truth to the world, to discourage the People to turn to these ideals, the only weapon we're left with, admits the Post, are, these ideals are so difficult to reach that you'll probably fail attempting to reach them, we're left to fight against these principles with the misteps of those advocating these principles..... Since when whatever the misteps may be to reach any ideal or principle undermine the hight standards of these ideals or principles....?
Well I guess that when left with no other alternative, misteps can be use to win some battles but doesn't it say, the war is lost? s we have nothing to offer intellectually, let's use some poor behaviour very human indeed while we can before the People rediscover what's really worth?
I couldn't miss Dana, could I?