Thursday, February 28, 2008

Election Times - USA - Mickael says no, the road is now wide open for Lou, what will he do?
How good are the medias at keeping secrets? Pretty good can be french medias when it comes to politicians "private" life.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wolf on air, with the best political team on television ever? Not sure I haven't seen MC Rove yet.
I wonder what Hugh tried last night when he said Mari La Nina.
How cute was Kristie? I have no words for that.
Heard today someone over he internet, (remind me we change nothin on taping) I have News for Barak, There was no Al Qaida in Irak before GW Bush decided to invade it, right, guess what, where do you think they were and preparing what based on what you have seen they were able to achieve facing one of the strongest and best equipped army in Irak?
I hesitate, is Kristie best with the red dress or with tonight's black. Hum!
Getting more dollars per euro, will it help with USCIS?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Small Nations Times - NYC - AMCHA's Call
Bombed. Terrorized. Traumatized.

Three words sum up the vise that grips the town of Sderot, Israel. Its inhabitants have been mercilessly subjected to thousands of rockets from Palestinian terrorists in Gaza since Israel's withdrawal 2 1/2 years ago. Our hearts go out to our brethren who live in constant fear and pain.
The world's reaction? Almost total silence, especially contrasted to constant criticism of Israel for responding to the rocket attacks.
Join Amcha as we gather (to find out more - contact Amcha)
We'll call the international community to task for ignoring the rain of rockets on Sderot as the UN continues to condemn Israel for self-defense.
For information, contact AMCHA-CJC at (718) 796-4730. Rabbi Avi Weiss, National President. Rabbi Etan Mintz, Director. Or register here.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jim, Please behave!
Now Wolf on air in the situation room with the best political team on television (ever, optional, only valid when MC Rove is invited according to me).
Well, I have a question for this type of team, I just wonder, does anybody knows why there is nobody to say that Kurds should have a state where they could live in peace?
Same thing for Serbs in Kosovo? (may I, adding living side by side with the Kosovo Albanians)
Small Nations Times - Kosovo - What if the Kosovo's experience was about to save Serbia from committing its biggest historical mistake?
Colleen on air! Last night Kristie had that red dress to go to Jon's party but I was told too late and coudn't take her there. Very sad. I haven't seen Brooke, wonder what happened with Jon....
Wondering what Jonathan may have said to Colleen while Jim is away... (shameless, isn't he).
Small Nations Times - Divine Stock Market - An intense session and two calls are skyrocketing!
Hard to find on the market the "I want to be a free Serb in Kosovo" call and the " I wish I wasn't Kurd" call. For coming births, the demand remains very high on three items "I don't mind being Kurd but not in the middle east", a special mention for "I don't mind being Kurd but not in Turkey" and the last one is "I don't mind being Serb but not in Kosovo".

Friday, February 22, 2008

TV Times - CNN - When the press gives you hope, not that often I admit but sometimes it does!
You have heard just like I did that Sen McCain may have had an affair a few years ago, well I am a few years younger than John and most of the time people tend to think that at my age you go fishing early morning, you play banjo in your rocking chair under your porch in the afternoon and that's about it. Knowing that I may be able to have a love story with a lobbyist in the future, it's kind of reassuring. Don't you think so?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

TV Times - CNN - Democrat debate, are you watching? It's in Texas.
Just before that, Jeffrey said something that let me think Gloria and him are not going to get married in the near future.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Breaking - A red Shakun tonight - How do you explain Hugh's success? Mari gone on vacation? May be. Bonie around. Anjali left Hugh for a billionaire (sad story), what's next?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TV Times - CNN - Back in a more stable world with Wolf on air, Anderson(my rival) and of course Jeffrey(not a true conservative, I can confirm) and Gloria.
Dana is with John and Mike still in the race. Wisconsin Poll closing in about 20 minutes. Stay Tuned and don't miss Jon invited on Larry's show!
Should Mike give up, no, who wants a GOP convention with no interest? Hillary said"they(the Republicans) won't give up the White House without a fight". Da.... right, the exact thing is GOP won't give up the White House (dot) because GOP is going to win.
Well Mike didn't win Wisconsin, John did but for as long as Mike is a voice for some, he should go on, throughout this campaign, he has shown great courage and ability with a very small budget and by succeeding in these conditions shown GOP is not about money, Wall Street etc... He brought a lot of good in the Republican primary and will keep doing so if he chooses to go all the way to the convention where by that time, it will be possible to reach the consensus of one voice speaks out for everybody. Whatever he decides, thanks to him for showing like no where else, America has something very special about democracy, his candidacy is the proof.
To visit Mike, click here Mike Huckabee.
Of course you can also visit Sen McCain here.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Music Times - Stay Tuned, a very special song from Juli Endee is about to be released.
Don't be impatient, it's coming!
TV Times - CNN - Shoud you watch Your World Today the way you watch CNN Today?
Well, Day time, is Jim what's Hugh is night time? Hala is away.... and Colleen is there. Good friends or let's not pretend you wish for something more (Amy McDonald).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

TV Times - CNN - As always You Sould Watch CNN Today. Have you seen Anjali tonight?
You can see now what I said last night., I don't know what's going to be left when Kristie gets back to Hong Kong, I hope she'll be there by tomorow or....
Have you missed the interview Hugh held about Valentine's Day? ... an expert speaking....
Now Wolf is on air for serious stuff on the campaign, keep watching. Don't forget, do not write to your state broadcaster asking why you cannot register to vote in primaries for a party engaged in your next presidential election, if you don't have one of these, don't ask why either (depending where you live in the world, remember that the US Constitution and the rights associated do not apply to you)Yes you can to claim these rights now be the first one to do so may be risky business, every day, some people are jailed or killed in the World for doing so.
Most of the time, a death is sad and bad news but in some cases it's a good one.
You normally say, I'm born too late, well in this case I'm born too soon, Cougar's night, how changed is the world.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TV Times - CNN - Why Jeffrey being so objective when it comes to Mike?
Because you're watching now, Lou is on air, I'll tell you what's in Jeffrey's mind, Stay Tuned
I very briefly saw Hugh, no Kristie isn't back and Anjali seems to enjoy the situation being cuter every night. Worrying developing situation.
Do you think Jeffrey would love Mike to win the Republican Primary because he thinks it would be more difficult for him to score high with Independants than it would be for John?
I know, I always over suspect. Why? I don't really know I just have the feeling that Jeffrey is not a true conservative.
Mike may have won the Virginia Primary and this is very good news for the Republican party. If confirmed with this new victory from a candidate nobody expected to do so well, the Grand Old Party showing it's still have a very dynamic and lively base able to do the unpredicted and this is a very big asset for the general election. Many declared that GOP was in a bad shape, with this new possible victory from a candidate that did not have a lot of money, had a small team, the party proves to be very healthy.
Almost for Mike but not quite, John finally winning Virginia by a small lead and the race goes on. Winning or not the nomination, Mike is proving Republicans are alive and whoever wins it needs the lively energy and kind of spirit Mike's campaign showed in the primaries to be ready for a ride in the general election.

Monday, February 11, 2008

TV Times - CNN - Join now, Wolf on air for a great night!
A very good start, slow cooking is good cooking said Mike, he's right and if I may, good cooking for the Republican party is good cooking for Democracy and what's good for Democracy is good for America.
Everyone has the right to celebrate and keep his own culture but is killing when you aren't doing it to survive culture or barbarism?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

TV Times - CNN - Urgent Call To the Public - Please warn Kristie that Hugh is back in Hong Kong.
And I'm worried, I can see the way he looks at Anjali, how nice he behaves and smiles to her. Kritie should come back asap.
Markets : Well, no indication, Anjali has a black and red outfit, doesn't help Bear or Bull, we'll have to wait and Mari has an orange one so...
BAFTA's, La Vie en Rose winning, don't know why, got the wrong story. Hugh's life is la vie en rose, adventurous trip, gambling under water, girlfriends ...
Did anybody knew that Anjali wanted to go the Grammy's awards ceremony? I guess Richard is again somewhere in the world not paying attention... If I had known that I would have invited her to go and meet with Brooke and Jon, probably around, he's everywhere. That's new, do you think Brooke and Jon might...I'll have to think about it but that's an idea. Brooke has a lovely dress tonight, man....I wish my falcon was ready. No luck. Patrick's tie let me think he might meet later tonight Shakun at the Baftas, luckyone.
Email Times - What a surprise I had today reading my mails right after I watched Larry, Bill Maher was invited, wasn't a good idea Larry had, the guy wished to be Jon(we got one touble maker, don't need more) but he isn't and he said some real nasty things about Republicans, liar was my conclusion.
Well, was telling you about an email I received, the sender is Virgin Mobile and the subject was Get your V-Day treat... You know how it is when sort by date isn't wide enough, I mean you don't get the whole thing, anyway, I thought, GREAT Virgin is planning something for the Veteran's Day, how great, how nice, a foreign company (a UK company not as foreign as others are...alright) is planning something nice for the Veterans, wrote to the wrong guy but the intention is nice or may be they asking people to join their effort for the Veterans preparing something nice (such as free minutes to call home, free phones, help with medicare etc... )and my heart was right away full of good feelings. Next thing I did was opening my message, so interested I was, and guess what the subject (Big Letters) at the top was? Get You Valentine's Day Hook Up with Virgin Mobile.
Passed the surprise, I thought, Hum well, Bill Maher might be right after all, Republicans have problems(sexual), that's what he said, if whenever I see V-Day I think Veteran's Day when it is Valentine's day Hook Up, I must be in trouble and very Hill Billy spirited.
Took me a few minutes more, and I thought, might be Bill the sick one, the guy is sexually obsessed with the black man performance thing if I refer to what he said about Barak, I am going to tell Larry to not invite this one again too.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

CNN now on air Mitt speaking.
I wonder if Jim is about to invite Hala onboard the shuttle.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

TV Times - CNN - My spy satellite went crazy, don't know why. Wolf said let's go to Lou and Stephen appeared on my screen, I thought well the guy is changed, then came Anjali looking great as usual, wonder if Kristie joined Hugh for a few days off in China to celebrate the new year despite the awful weather there, they should have gone to my Hometown in Florida, we always have great weather.
A bad day in Tennessee (Glenn's state), Arkansas has been hit too.
I wrote to Jack, he didn't publish and I believe he didn't liked my comments, next time don't ask, he's probably a Democrat. Just wondering, if Jack was a Kurd living in Irak, do you think he would pay attention to what's going on in the US Presidential campaign? Now, if he was a burmese journalist working there for a media considered by the regime as close to Aung San Suu Kyi, do you think he might get interested in the US Presidential race at least just to know if USA stand for Freedom will be tomorrow as it is today a problem for rogue governments?
Yes, Jack, it does change your views on President Bush depending on who you are and where you are in the world. The President might be for some a nightmare but for some others, it's a dream that the first ones have nightmares and sometimes if their nightmares are frequent enough that might be what you just need to stay alive.
No big deal Jack.
There is no better weather forecast than what Mari does.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

You're not gonna believe this, Kristie with that terrific red dress is on air now, just saw her a few minutes ago!

Monday, February 04, 2008

TV Times - CNN - Haven't switched to CNN yet,
do it now coming up Pre Super Tuesday Election
and Mari looks absolutly great!
I know, you gonna be shocked, you have been watching Paris regime state channels and you thought the competitors are all Democrats, the US Presidential election is just a race between Hillary and Barak and you had that for about 3 minutes every single night sometimes more with a special report on Democrat's candidates.
Well, you want to know the real thing don't you, well watch CNN and find out about the next President of the US, he'll be Republican, I don't know why, just in the air tonight, I can feel it and it's your time to visit
Anjali in red looking gorgeous, where is Richard?
Lou on air, not that often. Do I think you can one day love the land, the constitution, the people, the culture, the spirit of a nation when steeping on this nation's soil the first thing you did is breaking the law, when the first act of your new life is a violation of law, the founfing act of you becoming a US citizen is a violation of your parole (you promised the immigration officer to not overstay, to respect the law, to not take a job), the answer is no, I don't think it's a good start.
Don't worry, I'm talking to myself, you don't have to feel concerned.
Weather Times - Kissimmee, Osceola, Florida - Where you want to be but Do you deserve it?

83°F 28°C
Beau temps
Just like that for the next 7 days